Tree of Life

The Symbol of the Tree of Life

The Celtic Tree of Life is the logo for my practice.

The Tree of Life is found in many cultures in many forms. Most center around the concept of eternal renewal in a vibrantly living cosmos. The ancients intuitively knew what physicists began to grasp only millennia later.

Deciduous trees shed their brilliantly colored leaves each Fall as if dying, but life continues inside until the Spring, when once again green leaf buds announce the tree’s renewal and life. Tree limbs reach up toward the heavens – while tree roots grow deep into the underworld. The ancients believed trees connected three levels of the universe.

Psychologically we also contain an underworld where the roots of our existence grow deep. We call this underworld the unconscious. Just as the tree is either nourished or deprived from the condition of the soil where it roots are anchored, we are affected by what we push into the unconscious and sometimes those wounds the unconscious holds for us until our suffering leads us to seek professional help. For a psychotherapist that values a depth psychological approach (one that recognizes the importance of the unconscious in healing) the Tree of Life is a meaningful symbol. Psychotherapy assists persons in becoming conscious of those unconscious energies which may potentially lead the person to healing, to live a more meaning-filled and satisfying life.