Women’s Group: Life Transitions

Women’s Group: Life Transitions, a group for Women 60+ using the experiences of group members, concepts from the psychology of C. G. Jung and and current research.

These groups explore the challenges and opportunities in the second half of life for transformation for women in Western Culture.

Ageism is a fact in Western culture. Ageism is defined as “discrimination or prejudice because of a person’s age”. Ageism affects both men and women, young and old. However, ageism is particularly troublesome for women in the second half of life. It may generate emotions such as feeling invisible, feeling dismissed or of no consequence and hopelessness. Ageism may result in women feeling pressured to maintain a youthful appearance verses accepting the opportunities and internal transformation inherent in the aging process.

In the Forward of Jung and Aging: Possibilities and Potential for the Second Half of Life, Aryeh Maidenbaum, Ph.D. writes “The years beyond midlife have the potential for being one of the most productive and satisfying periods in our lives.” Maindenbaum’s statement, bursting with hope, hardly describes a mainstream view of the aging years in North America.

Cultures across the globe including European, Hispanic, and Asian embrace their aging population. Many indigenous cultures revere their elders. These families often continue to live in multigenerational households where elders are treated with respect and encouraged to wear the mantel of wisdom and grace many have earned their own through life experiences.

The work of C.G. Jung offers special insight into these transformative years.He was one of the first to look at life from a developmental perspective where he felt each stage of life offered its unique potential for transformation.

In the second half of life

 we are moved to explore those aspects of the psyche originally set aside by ambition and desire in the establishment of career and family. In fact, Jung believed that the pursuit of meaning is properly undertaken only in the second half of life.

The group will use personal story, myth, creativity, spirituality, reading, dream work, active imagination and body work to explore this important life transition.

*Attendance and Fees: Fee for each session per member is $70. Members will need to commit to the group for at least 6 months. Call 832-525-9963 or email presence@francesjohnson.net for more information about on-going groups.